Let’s begin with a...

conversation about becoming mum,

for the first time...

If you are becoming mum for the first time, why not have the best start to motherhood the first time round?

When it's put like that. Then yes of course, makes total sense. Here's the thing though. You don't know what you don't know. How do you know doing a series of things before the baby comes will help massively both for your wellbeing but practically when the baby is here. How do you know having support will see you through a time of change, give you huge peace of mind and resolve issues quicker..

In my doula career, I meet women when they are pregnant and would like feel ready as they can and know they have the help all arranged.

Or, I meet women when the baby is here and they reach out for support as a reaction to feeling overwhelmed and generally not a happy camper. Where would you put yourself?

And if you are expecting, why not download 'What not to do before your baby arrives?' ... Sometime it's easier to know what not to do rather than figuring out all the things you feel you should be doing...

My name is April...I am a mum to two beautiful boys

I’m also a Postnatal Specialist who shines a light on postnatal life before getting there, and then supports you when baby arrives.

I've been a Doula getting on for a decade. I decided back then to focus on the postnatal bit. Why? Because we are given more instructions with a car than we are a baby!

I remember getting my first born home and thinking 'what the hell do I do know'.

Birth is life changing and needs love & energy. I believe though we are always postnatal and we should give ourselves the best start we can.

Rocking Motherhood Pregnancy Planner & Journal ...

from seeing the blue line right through to the first year of motherhood

Here are different ways to get support before and after baby arrives...

Becoming Mum

Becoming Mum for the first time is everything. Obviously life-changing.

Every single woman I have ever spoken to shares with me that it's a mix of emotions; happy yet nervous, excited yet daunting. Throw in a little bit of overwhelm and not sure what to really expect and your head begins to spin.

This online PREPARE + SUPPORT package is solely for First Time mums (and Dads are welcome to join too).

Rocking Motherhood

Imagine a week's intense driving course - packed full of info and practical manoeuvres that isn't spread out over weeks and weeks, just waiting for life to get in the way. 

You will have everything you need to get driving on the 'road' by the end of this session. Super concentrated covering the full 360

Preparing for Postnatal

Having the postnatal chat before the baby arrives.

Not leaving it to hindsight to know what would have been good to do.

We go through different areas of postnatal life - where women thrive and where challenges come from - and make a personalised plan to your own situation.

Dads can join these sessions too!

In-Home Help*

Doulas support new mums.

If you are expecting we can do some preparation work before baby arrives, and then support when baby is here, in-home.

Popping a wash on.

Making some lunch or batch cooking.

Tidying up. Settling baby.

Help with feeding.

Emotional back up with oodles of assurance.

Get all your questions answered.

And anything else to make your life easier.

*This service is location dependant - Surrey (UK) and South London.

Client Testimonials

Lovely words from mums

She reassured me when I felt like I didn't know what the right things to do was and helped me get through the difficult newborn period

- K Lee

As a first-time mum I was a little shell shocked about my birth experience and I struggled with my newborn during the early weeks, April provided a good listening ear and she gave me suggestions and advice on several things.

- N. Patel 


What not to do before baby arrives...

There is so much out there about what we ‘should’ be doing throughout our pregnancy and for motherhood.

This download gives you a different look on what not to do before your baby arrives and you become a mum.

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